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Best-in-Class Equipment to Meet Your Needs

Injection Molding Machines
Ranges from 100 Tons - 720 Tons Wide Platen Machines
Star Automation Robots
All machines equipped with Star Automation Robots Installed
28 Full Electric Machines
1-110 Ton Electric Niigata
8-200 Ton Electric Niigata & Mitsubishi
3-300 Ton Electric Niigata & Mitsubishi
4-400 Ton Electric Niigata
6-500 Ton Electric Niigata
8 Hydraulic Machines
2-610 Ton Hydraulic Mitsubishi
4-720 Ton Hydraulic Mitsubishi
Four Overhead Cranes
1-10 Ton Crane
2-5 Ton Crane
10-Ton Crane

1-10 Ton with a 5-ton helper in our maintenance department for servicing all of our molds.